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A Great Day In French Polynesia

Tahiti and Moorea have climatic conditions which you’ll find quite typical to most tropical environments around the globe. Usually the temperature ranges will hover around the 30°C(88°F) as well as the humidity sits around 85% mark for most of the year.

Both island’s weather conditions are broken down into two seasons – dry season and wet season. These 2 seasons will take only two weeks to adjust from one season to the other. The wind will change direction from the cooler north-east wind to the damper south-west monsoonal breeze, bring the rain with it.


Dry Season

Tahiit’s and Moorea’s dry season will begin in late November and concludes in March or ealy April. The day time temperature fluctuates from 25°C to 32°C (77°F -90°F) for the duration of the summer season to about April where the temperature range will start to increase in April to 28°C-38°C(82°F-100°F).

Wet Season

Tahitian Storms

The wet season typically starts in April and concludes in late September/October. The weather in French Polynesia at this point of the season will see temperatures raise to a maximum in June where temperatures can be extremely high. With the greater temperatures usually means higher humidity which are often as high as 95%.
Thunderstorms and high rainfall are steady at this stage of the year, but these are often after dark and the early morning. This point of the year is generally quiet around the islands resorts due to the uncomfortable and unstable climatic conditions.
The Perfect Time To Visit French Polynesia

French Polynesia’s weather usually determines what season tourists will enjoy their stay on the islands. The high-priced months are in the dryer months from December to April and as these are the busiest periods of the year it is very difficult to get holiday accommodation in many of the great resorts on these islands.

The price of holiday accommodation, meals, drinks and activities are higher priced in the dry season. This time of the year should really be avoided if you’re looking for a peaceful vacation or maybe if you’re within a strict budget. Preparing in advance and reserving earlier is likely to make it easier to get a great resort at the right price and time.

The wet season and higher humidity and temperature conditions of April to October are regarded as off-season and the Tahiti resorts and Moorea resorts rates typically are less pricey.