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Tahiti Holidays

Great Tahiti Holiday Activities

Tahiti may only be a small island in the south pacific, but what it lacks in size it makes up for ten fold with the great Tahiti holiday activities on offer. Whether you choose to catch up on a great book on the beach or trills and spills in and out of the water then this place is for you.

Here are the top 5 Tahiti Holiday activities once you step out of any of the great Tahiti Resorts:

 Scuba Dive Tahiti

Dive TahitiTahiti is certainly blessed with a huge number of dive sites of all skill levels. It is a great place for snorkelling in shallow waters of the stunning lagoons and exploring the boundless coral reefs and marine life.

For the more experienced Tahiti has a variety of dive sites that included numerous world war 2 ship wrecks, shark feeding tours and for the advanced level divers, try some deep sea diving off the many coral ledges.

If you ever want to learn how to dive then Tahiti is a perfect place get certified with so many great diver centres with PADI courses to get you exploring the amazing reefs of this amazing island.

Here are 2 great dive schools and centres:

Ocean World – Phone (+689) 470 707, Fax : (+689) 470 708, E-mail :

Aquatica – Phone : (+689) 533 496, fax : (+689) 431 065, E-mail :

Surf Tahiti

Surf TahitiTahiti is an amazing tropical paradise for surfers with not only some of the best breaks in the world. Tahiti has wonderfully warm tropical waters, stunning beaches and a lay backed atmosphere. If you are looking for a great Tahiti holiday and you are a surfer then this place is an incredible surfers paradise.

With a monster wave like the world famous Teahuppo, Tahiti has been put on the world surfing map. But there is so many more great point breaks and reef breaks that surround the island that suits all levels of skill. You will never catch as many barrels in your life when you surf Tahiti. Some of the best breaks are: Taapuna pass, Paea and Papara.

If you want to learn how to surf there some great surf schools and surfing tours guides. For more information on this Tahiti holiday experience check these companies out:

Moana Surf Tours – Phone/fax : (+689) 437 070, E-mail :

Tura’i Mata’are Surf School –  Phone : (+689) 419 1 37 (+689) 772 7 69,  E-mail :

Sail Tahiti

Tahiti Sailing One of the most popular Tahiti holiday activities is the amazing sailing tours, charters and even classes for beginners. For the adventurous, you can hire yachts and catamarans that are fully provisioned for days or even weeks. A great way to explore and sail around the magnificent bays and lagoons of this truly spectacular island.

If you have always wanted to learn how to sail then the warm and pleasant weather makes this a perfect Tahiti holiday activity for ages and experience levels.

Here are the best yacht charter and schools on Tahiti:

Tahiti Yacht Charter – Phone : (+689) 450 400, E-mail :

Tahiti Nautic Centre. Phone: (+689) 579 494, E-mail:

4 Wheel Drive Tahiti

4wd TahitiTahiti has the most complex and challenging 4 wheel drive tracks of any of the Polynesian islands. Due to the island’s sheer size, mountainous terrain and deep interconnected valley’s makes this tropical place the perfect for a great 4wd adventure.

Generally the tracks are open most of the year except in the deep monsoon periods. There a variety of tours ranging from 5 hours to 3 days. Most of the tours will take you deep into the interior of Tahiti where you will explore a rich archaeological history, countless waterfalls, mountain streams, a vast lake system, stunning views and blooming tropical jungles.

These Tahiti holiday tours are a must to really take in the ecological richness of this south Pacific island. With a variety of 4×4 vehicles, quad bikes and motorcycles you can have an adventure of a lifetime. Here are the best tours on the island:

Natura Exploration in Punaauia. Phone: (+689) 430 383,

Tahiti Safari Expedition. Phone : (+689) 421 415,

Patrick Adventure. Phone: (+689)832 929

Horse Ride Tahiti

Horse Riding in TahitiSaddling up is one of the best Tahiti holiday activities and to fully appreciate the stunning nature, tempo and experience of the Tahitian Islands. Tahiti features truly amazing landscapes perfect for horse back riding. There are many travel companies that have half day treks, full day treks or longer guided treks in and around Tahiti’s beautiful beaches, gorgeous valleys, farms and island coves.

You’ll be paired with a horse that meets your riding knowledge and personality, and of course there are instructors that will instruct you on the basic techniques to communicate with and take control of your mount, so you can enjoy the glorious surroundings of Tahiti. Here are the best horse riding tours in Tahiti:

Club Equestre de Tahiti. Pirae race track. Phone : (+689) 427 041

L’Eperon de Pirae. Phone: (+689) 427 987

Gauguin Ranch. Phone: (+689) 575 100