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Tahiti: The Island Of Love

French Polynesia is the official name of a large group of islands in the South Pacific, but the area is better know as Tahiti which is the largest of all the islands. These island groups of French Polynesian are spread out over one and a half million square miles of the South Pacific Ocean. The stunning part of the world is a wonderful destination for those looking for a romantic getaway as well as for those travelers that just want to “get away” from real life just for a while.

The main city of Tahiti is Papeete, which has developed into a modern city with bars, nightclubs, shopping centers, boutiques and museums that showcase the rich cultural history. The quality of cuisine and restaurants on this amazing tropical island is truly remarkable for an isolated island like Tahiti and is due in part to the melding of two cultures.

The Tahitian culture is a mix of Polynesian and French influences this has resulted in an impressive culinary combination. The traditional Tahitian diet is mostly breadfruit, taro, pork, cassave, chicken, shellfish, and rice, and these are generally the types of ingredient  used in Tahitian restaurants. If none of that sound tempting to you, there are also a number of Chinese and Italian restaurants on the Island. For those that can’t seem to stay away from fast food Pappeete does have eateries that offer quick fare, such as hamburgers and fries.

Relaxing Tahiti

Tahiti offers some of the most unique Tahiti resorts and Moorea resorts available with over-water bungalows that are stilted above the picturesque turquoise lagoons. Many of these bungalows have glass floor sections where you can view tropical fish swimming below. For those that enjoy swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving these activities can take place right from the deck of your own bungalow.

The variety of activities that Tahiti offers is truly impressive, whatever you are looking to do it seems you can find it here. From exploring the island beauty on a hike, diving among the tropical fish, or just enjoying the brilliant amber sunset, Tahiti has is it all. For the more adventurous, four-wheel-drive tours can take you well into the interior of the island where you can experience grottos and waterfalls, and see parts of the island otherwise inaccessible.

A lingering memory for many of those that visit Tahiti is the wonderful floral scents that are carried throughout the island on the tropical air. Tahiti and all of French Polynesian is home to a large variety of beautiful fragrant tropical flowers.

Many refer to Tahiti as the island of love. With it’s one of a kind sunsets, stunning scenery, and the chance to stay in a flower filled private bungalow suspended over a blue lagoon it is easy to understand why Tahiti is known for romance. Tahiti is not only a popular honeymoon destination, but many also choose to get married on the island. The beauty of Tahiti exudes love, and the island has been known to rekindle and solidify romantic relationships.